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Amega Global Doctor’s Call

february 23, 2010

Youcef Benloucif, founding member of Amega Global North America and Dr. Stephen Chan, dentist from La Mesa, California.


What is Zero Point Field? 

What is Glutithione?


These are two ways that the cellular body can source the energy to work at the subconscious level of operating processes.

Zero point field is a complex scientific subject that boys like on the ‘Big Bang Theory’ TV show could tackle…I won’t here. 

Glutithione is a million times better than vitamin C for the immune system and that is a scientific known reality. 

a. we are energetic beings…electrons, protons.  bio-energetic field

b. energized cells

c. the earth is covered with zero point field

As a bodyworker, Registered Shiatsu Therapist, I have looked at many products that support the healing process.  Amega Global has proven itself as a company that has the intelligence to find  that place that the body recognizes as energy to be the best that it can be.  

Since 2010, it has been my pleasure to invite everyone to begin their investigation of zero point energy and glutithione.

MY Personal Story!

When I first got a wand, I was wondering how a grown woman could have been hoodwinked into buying a $300 pen-like item.   I had figured that if Sam could leave his lucrative water business for this  ‘magic wand’,  I could at least do my due diligence and check it out.

After three days, I realized all my stress related tension had disappeared.  I was more relaxed than I had every been.  As a person with back injury and a single mom, I was always on the edge.  My child mentioned that he had never seen me laugh spontaneously. I was laughing since being with the  zero point tool…I had it clipped to my shirt and really never have taken off since.

Now after three years of wearing product, I have seen how supportive having this gear has been for my transition into my fifties.  I am very appreciative of the protection it offers me in the realm of the technological age.   Zero Point field is a solution for EMF and e smog, it reminds the cellular body to connect to the zero point energy that is all around us and it is great for buffering the toxicity that is in our food and water.

As a customer, you can buy retail from the store and I assure you, once you try these products,you won’t be leaving.  Once you realize that you have been captured…you will sign on and be connected to this amazing technology for your well being and health. Of course getting product at wholesale is always better than paying retail.

I love the SWITCH ON zero point energized drink with glutithione from the powdered broccoli sprouts and 7 superfruits including mangosteen and pomegranate . 

I have three boxes shipped every month.  One box for my own use, one box to give away samples and one box to sell.  It is shipped automatically to me so that I never run out.   Why?

I felt that the company was more about the ZPE Pendants and the ZPE Wands…the energy drink made no sense to me.   One day a newsletter came in my email box and the trusted homeopathic store mentioned that the SWITCH ON was a miracle drink…so I cracked the box open and started using the drink, just to test out the ‘miracle’! 

Auto shipping is the means to have a continued income stream for the company and the customer is never without product. It has been three years now and the SWITCH ON is a necessity as everything else in the catelogue. 

My arthritis disappears when I drink the SWITCH ON…my ganglion, which I had for two years disappeared after 5 weeks. 

The powder broccoli sprouts is the source for glutithione and once in the body, it is the most effective antioxidant and is the best fuel for the inflammation that is the root of all diseases of the body.

I even made a bracelet for the wrist out of the discarded sachets.  I put the empty packs in my shoes.  Homeopathic, the empty packet has the frequency field embedded, just like the balance bracelets that you see being sold at any mall these days.

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At the beginning, I thought the price was too much and after a few months, I stopped ordering…two months later, the ganglion and the arthritis came back and as a massage/ bodywork therapist, I was not going to let that happen. If you can image how disease shows up on the skin for us to see, you can trust that internally, it is the same infectious reaction internally.

My fellow Amegan in Sooke, BC…Rebecca is a retired nurse and she has Multiple Sclerosis.  When she first heard about Amega Global, she was flat on her back and could not move.  Now she is a fully functioning business associate with energy and mobility.  She is a phenomenal story of recovery and a fine example of supplying the body with real source of energy.

  • Zero Point Pendants

  • Zero Point Wands/Tool

  • SWITCH ON energy drink

  •  Zero Point Alkaline water treatment systems

  • Zero Point atmospheric humidifiers.

  • Infrared bracelets.

  • EGA TRUE Organic Swiss Certified Skincare

  • Zero Point holistic oils

  Our trillion cells are waiting to have the energy to make them work.  Amega Global has supplied the tools to allow them to thrive.   

I assure you that once you understand these two pieces, zero point field and Glutithione, you will be glad that you started educating yourself!  I did!


Moneca Yardley, RST

Diamond Business Associate Amega Global


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